Effective live and festival marketing

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Artist-Networking & Festival-Scouting

We analyze consumer insights from our network of around 150 rights holders on a monthly basis and maintain active contacts with the entertainment industry. The generated insights help us to better understand the behavior of event visitors and to find the right partners.


Strategy & Concept

From individual events to entire festival tours - we develop a holistic, experience-oriented and target group-specific brand presence with added value for the brand and event visitors. Our team advises you in all areas of branded entertainment, cultural and guerrilla marketing.


Design & Production

Whether it's a mobile promotion stand or huge experience worlds - we plan, build and operate individual activation modules and take care of the entire touring for our partners. We place special emphasis on creativity, sustainability and efficiency, and say no to boring plastic sunglasses and sun hats. With our artists we build branded artworks that emotionalize and stay in the memory.


Roadshow & Promotion

Music festivals offer the ideal atmosphere and environment to get to know and try out new things - through targeted product samples and direct talks with the visitors, we create a personal contact at eye level and ensure that your brand is remembered for a long time. We take care of the entire planning and organization of the touring and the staff.


Social Media Integrations

Festivals and artists enjoy strong regional, national, and sometimes even worldwide recognition and attract visitors from all sectors of society. Through the multiple communication channels of festivals and artists, we reach millions of individual users with different messages every year. Through the organic distribution of content, we offer brands the perfect platform to spread their values and products and to address our target groups in a targeted and authentic way.


Content production

Whether it's our own interview formats, digital festival campaigns or image and video material for a brand aftermovie - we produce high-quality and target group-specific content for our partners' social media channels. Because we know that festivals live in the minds of our visitors all year round, and OnSite activations need to be extended.


Sponsorship management & evaluation

After the festival is before the festival - our analytics give our partners deep insight into the behavior and preferences of festival-goers. Through extensive data analysis, feedback surveys and tracking tools, we provide valuable insights to maximize the effectiveness of all activations and optimize future strategies. All agreements with rights holders and event organizers are managed by us.


Recruiting & Employer Branding

Do you want to attract talented young people and retain them for the long term? But no one is applying for your job posting? We develop customized recruiting and employer branding concepts for our partner companies and activate them through company events and festival integrations. The shared event experience not only strengthens the bond with your employees, but also creates the potential to reach new talent.

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Selection of festival activations

Listen, see and feel
with Tonies

Tonies, the leading brand in innovative audio products for children, created an extraordinary experience for our youngest visitors in 2022. An oversized Tonies sensory box featured interactive test stations that challenged all the senses. In addition, children had the opportunity to paint their own individual Tonie figures and create their own audio recordings with synthesizers to make the experience even more personal.

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Services: Strategy, conception, networking, production, touring, content production, sponsorship management.

The vegane GenussWerkstatt by Billie Green

Billie Green has set itself the goal of revolutionizing the market for vegan meat substitutes. In 2023, our vegan Billie Green GenussWerkstatt also toured music festivals and lifestyle sport events for the first time. The freshly prepared snacks could be enjoyed directly in the themed lounge area. And if you hadn't had enough yet, you could design your own snack board for the next breakfast or test and post your fluency in a "Roast Battle".

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Services: Strategy, conception, networking, production, touring, content production, sponsorship management.

Fascination Flame
with BIC

BIC, the largest manufacturer of branded lighters in the world, is a constant companion at every festival. But in 2021, BIC took its lighter to a new dimension.
The over four meter tall and true-to-scale replica of the lighter with real flame was the eye-catcher and a real photo magnet for Instagram-moments.
We also inspired visitors in our BIC Lounge, during backstage tours and in our luxurious glamping tents.

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Services: Conception, networking, production, touring, content production, sponsorship management.


Together with Unilever / AXE we fulfilled our mission and made every festival guest feel like a superstar! In our AXE POP-UP music video studio, with which we toured three hip-hop festivals, festival guests had the unique opportunity to shoot their own professional music video.

In the planning and realization process, we paid particular attention to create a live activation that is highly relevant to the target group. By installing a unique backdrop and luxury furniture and by hiring the best videographers from the scene we managed to create an immense hype.

In just 7 days, we produced over 300 music videos, which reached over 405,000 minutes of playback, just in the first two weeks after the festival.

Our music videos, organic advertising via the fans' social channels, were watched as often as if you listened to Luciano's track "Mios mit Bars" 104,790 times. But, you would have to be on vacation for 281 days and listen to the track 24/7.


Selection of Fan-Videos


Services: strategy, conception, networking, production, touring, content production, sponsorship management.